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Discover the amazing testimonials and stories from our parent community! Hear from other happy parents who trust us daily with their precious little ones. We are honoured to be part of your child's learning and development!


James L


Rebecca W


“I have a little boy (nearly 4yrs) at Plaxtol Nursery. He loves going, and as a parent I particularly value:

1. How he has made a strong network of local friends, encouraged gently by the staff

2. The inclusive nature of the nursery - e.g. my son has been learning Makaton at nursery (he shows us at home), and can use it to play/interact with another child in the nursery who has a disability

3. The way my son’s activities and progress at nursery is captured in the “big books” - it’s so lovely for us as parents to see this, use it as the basis for discussion at regular parents evenings and treasure in years to come.

4. The breadth of different activities and toys the nursery offers the children.  They are thoughtfully laid out at the start of each day. The nursery really does make best use of the resources and space it has. There are lots of interesting trips out, e.g. seasonal walks, visits to the local farm to see lambing, walking up to the village church to learn about Poppy Day.

5.  The kindness and calm approach by staff. They welcome my son each morning, and are always approachable if I need to speak to them  

6.  Snack time is a valued part of the day - snacks are always healthy, have encouraged my son to try new foods (e.g. he now eats carrot sticks!) and the time he a used to encourage self-care (e.g. using kids knives to cut up food, and using jugs to pour own drink).”

Merran H


"Both of my boys attended Plaxtol Nursery School and had a wonderful time. The staff are fantastic and provide a caring and nurturing environment where children thrive. I thoroughly recommend Plaxtol Nursery School!"

Heidi H


Francesca W


Alessandra N


"My youngest son is about to go into his final 2 terms at Plaxtol Nursery before going into school. I will be so sad to see the end of my children's time there. My eldest son is flourishing in year 1 thanks to the wonderful start he was given at Plaxtol Nursery. The staff are caring, fun, consistent and very skilled in early years. It is thoroughly deserving of its ofsted rated 'outstanding'. Well done team!"

Maddie P


"Plaxtol Nursery has always been a fantastic environment in which our son continues to thrive and develop. He enjoys his time at nursery, is very receptive to the teachers around him, and is presented with a variety of activities that stimulate his learning. As an example, today he told me he had been to the forest to find treasure and had been learning about trees and animals. In addition, having moved from London to Kent fairly recently, has been supported and reassured throughout his settling in period, and has been encouraged to make lasting friendships throughout his time at Plaxtol. The teachers are engaging and creative, as he has a particular affinity for his key worker."

"Our offer was accepted on our new home in Ightham in the summer and at this point I needed to find a school for my twin daughters. I approached Plaxtol and was made to feel welcome from the very first moment I registered my children immediately. My girls started school in September and ran into class on the first day and were greeted with open arms and warmth from every member of staff. I was so happy beyond words.

In just the short time the girls have been at Plaxtol Nursery, they have grown in confidence and this is noticeable by everyone that meets them since September. A now knows her numbers confidently through 12 and is fascinated with colours and with conviction points out colours for everything she sees. Both children also walk long distances holding hands and this, albeit a simple task, didn't happen before attending Plaxtol School.

I am forever grateful to the teaching staff at the university, they have made not only my girls feel welcome and comfortable but they have also given me support, guidance and made me feel welcome. My girls look forward to school and I love to see them smile and run into class every day.

Thank you everyone at Plaxtol Nursery. You have surpassed my expectations and I couldn't be happier."


"My 2 boys have been lucky enough to have been to Plaxtol Nursery school and have loved it. Excellent care is provided by the staff, nurturing the children's personalities and learning so they are happy and confident. Thank you Mrs Shewell, Mrs Worrow and all the staff."

"Plaxtol Nursery School is brilliant! My children have all had the best start thanks to the efforts of every single one of the teachers who have been consistently kind, caring and nurturing.

The range of activities and outings is excellent and so varied that the children really thrive within the environment. It's a fantastic nursery school and I would recommend it whole-heartedly!"

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